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Handmade Baby Quilts has a Copyright Policy.  It is here to protect the information you read along with the images you see. The items shown on this website are my own. I have made each of them myself and would love for you to share them.

If you read or see anything you can use to better yourself in sewing or even challenge yourself to make something you had not thought of, feel free to print or copy it.

You may use any of my images with the credit returning back to this website.  This in turn sends others to my site. We both benefit when you share.

I would appreciate a quick email if you would like to use any of my photos. When a photo goes into different areas of the world wide web, it is viewed multiple times. This gives me exposure from others, also.

Your time spent with me here on the site is encouragement to me. I love talking about sewing baby quilts and would love for you to leave a comment about what you liked or what you feel I could do to better meet your sewing needs.

Please be respectful when using my work.

To purchase any item on this website, please contact us through this page. Thank you for your interest in a Handmade Baby Quilt, Wreath, Diaper Cake or Towel Cake. Please come back again. We accept PayPal, local business checks or cash as payments.

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