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Baby Girl Quilts

I just love baby girl quilts!! With all the cutsy fabric designs and the pastel color choices, making one just brings out the hoorah in me. 

They can be decorated in so many ways that lets the world know how special she is. 

My signature baby girl quilt is designed to show off all the little girl qualities. There are precious little bows in the corners. The colors of pink and gray are the perfect color combination to complement any little girls room. 

29" x 30"



This striped baby girl quilt is full of cheerful designs. With owls, flowers, mushrooms and cute designs, this is one that is easy to decorate a room around. There are little girl colors all in it. From a baby quilt to a wall hanging, it will serve two purposes. 

38 1/2 x 42"


Purple, purple and more purple! That is the true color in this baby girl quilt. With a purple blocked front and a purple back it is purplishous. If you love the color purple, this is the quilt for your new baby. Wrap her up in royalty and she will be the little queen to show off. 

It is a larger quilt for more coverage on the baby, under the baby or in the crib. 

54 x 46 1/4"


Here you have a pink accented baby girl quilt with all kinds of characters to look at. Flamingos, mermaids, butterflies, flowers, and geometric designs all put together with a seafoam green back. It is a large quilt with lots of room for baby to grow with before she is too big for it. It is multicolored for any room color choice.

50" x 38 1/4"



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