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Baby Boy Quilts

Baby boy quilts can be made with fabric pertaining to a boy's personality. If your boy is rough and likes dirt, he may need a fabric pattern with trucks or tractors on it. 

If he is more of an animal person, he may need a fabric pattern with cute little deer, foxes, owls, birds, cows, or ducks. There are some very cute designs to choose from. 

If you see a fabric design you like and would like to have a baby boy quilt custom made with it, please let me know! I make custom quilts. You need to tell me the size, whether newborn, crib or in-between. 

This baby boy quilt has several different blocks with animals on it. There are elephants, giraffes, lions along with some boy themed prints to match. The back is a dark gray and the edges are scalloped all the way around. 

baby boy quilt with scalloped edgesBaby Boy Quilt with Scalloped Edges

This quilt has a low loft batting which keeps it very flexible. It is machine washable and dryable. 

It is light-weight and is perfect for just the right amount of comfort in the spring, summer and fall. 

You can use it in the Winter months if your boy is dressed warmly. 

I just love the fabric designs on this one. It is screaming baby boy! 

It is 34" x 30 1/2" which is a medium quilt size. 



Baby Boy Quilts are a keepsake 

When looking to give a gift to a new baby boy, a handmade quilt can be a great keepsake. It can serve him as an infant on up until he outgrows it. 

At the time he lets it loose, you can put it up and save it for him. When he gets older you can remind him of his "blankie" and can even use it as a wall hanging in his bedroom. 

I have seen them framed as wall art. This is an excellent way to preserve it as he left it. When choosing a baby boy quilt, you can choose one with a specific color to match his room d├ęcor. An animal print quilt can match stuffed animals he has. Bright colors tend to keep him entertained. There are many factors you can consider when choosing your special quilt. 

Giving one as a gift is something no one else will give. Each one is different and you won't find it in a store, or on a shelf, or in a package, or with a UPC...they are handmade in my home by me. I take care to keep them clean and neatly trimmed. My passion is your treasure. Thank you for choosing to take your time with me today.

baby boy quilt with baseballsBaby Boy Quilt with Baseballs
baby boy quilt with baseballsBaby Boy Quilt with Baseballs

35" x 30"


Checkered with orange backCheckered with Orange Back - Front
Checkered with Orange BackCheckered with Orange Back - Back

46" x 38 1/4"


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