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Baby Blanket Sizes

Baby blanket sizes vary from newborn to toddler. We make all sizes. We have a size chart we go by when deciding on the baby blanket sizes needed. 

What is the general length of a baby?

When thinking about the size of a baby blanket, knowing the average length of a baby can help you determine how big it needs to be to comfortably wrap the baby. I have a size chart as a guide when making baby quilts. This helps me determine the amount of fabric needed when getting supplies together for making one. Here is how I determine a handmade baby quilt size:

A preemie - 13″ – 18" long.

A newborn baby - 18″-23″ long .

A 3-6 month old baby - 22″-27″ long.

A 6-9 month old baby - 25″-30″ long.

What is the typical baby blanket sizes for a baby?

Measure the size of the baby bed to begin with, if possible. This is a breakdown of mattress sizes when determining a quilt size. 

Small Cradle – 15″ x 30″ 

Large Cradle – 18″ x 33″

Crib  – 28″ x 52″

The size of a standard crib bed mattress size is 27" x 52". I like to make them around 32 - 34" wide and 52 - 56" long. This gives a little extra around the edges to tuck in or wrap around the baby as he sleeps. 

When you don't know the size of the baby mattress, it is still a general measurement for a standard mattress and you can't go wrong with it. 

If you are wanting a bigger one than that, it will have to be a special order. The ones I make are no longer than 56". 

Most fabric rolls are 44" wide which is perfect for the backing width, but a larger width back to accommodate for a larger quilt will have to be customized for the extra width.

The bigger the quilt, the longer the baby can use it. A regular sized mattress quilt can be used for a newborn or a toddler. 

What are the baby blanket sizes I can order?

Let's look at the type of baby blanket and the general size:

Receiving Blanket - 28" x 34"

Baby Blanket - 34" x 46'

Toddler Blanket -  42-46" x  52 - 58 "

Baby crib Blanket   30" x 36 "

Standard crib quilt - 36" x 54"

What is the square size of a baby blanket?

If you are wanting a square baby blanket, you need to order according by baby size. Of course, you can always get a larger size to be used longer than just a baby size.

Babies grow so fast, it is best to think ahead and get one that can be used for a longer period of time.

This is what I go by when making a square baby quilt:

Preemie - 18" - 20" square

Between preemie and newborn - 20" x 24" square

Newborn Baby  - 30" square

Baby blanket  - 34" - 36" square

Receiving blanket - 38" - 40" square

Child blanket  40" - 44" square 

I hope this helps you make a decision on the size of baby blanket you need. Keep in mind, babies need room to grow, so get one he can use for longer than a couple of months. 

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